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General Elections are held every three years as per Constitution of BMKC to elect main Office Holders who select other members of Managing Committee according to their skill, expertise and dedication towards noble cause of public welfare.


S.No Name of Members Designations
1 Mr. Muhammad Hanif H. Kassim A. Sattar Machiyara President
2 Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Abdullah Aba Hussain Nini V.President
3 Mr. Muhammad Younus A. Sattar H. Ismail Bagasra Hon. G. Sec
4 Mr. Muhammad Haroon Abdul Shakoor Muhammad Kutaya Joint Secretary
5 Mr. Muhammad Arshad M. Idrees H. Rehmatullah Jangda   Managing Member
6 Mr. Ghulam Muhammad M. Abdul Rahman Kasbati Managing Member
7 Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Adam Yousuf Maimini   Managing Member
8 Dr. Muhammad Tufail A.Hameed H.Ismail Bawadosa Managing Member
9 Mr. Muhammad Faisal M. Yaqoob Ismail Diwan Managing Member
10 Mr. Abdul Ghani Aba Umer Abdul Ghani Moti    Managing Member
11 Mr. Muhammad Ilyas Rehmatullah Haji Karim Moon Managing Member
12 Mr. Haji Altaf Ibrahim Tayab Jangda Managing Member
13 Mr. M. Yousuf (Mithoo) M. Ismail Adam Mehanti   Managing Member
14 Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Ayub Noor Muhammad Amoudi Managing Member
15 Mr. M. Jawed Siddiq Aba Tayab Mittiwala Managing Member
16 Mr. Sikander Siddiq Aba Hussain Agar Managing Member
17 Mr. Muhammad Farooq Abu Baker Adam Biddu Managing Member
18 Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Suleman Abdul Shakoor Adhi Managing Member
19 Mr. Muhammad Siraj Abdul Habib M. Usman Kudia Managing Member
20 Mr. Muhammad Amin Abdullah Habib Dharwadwala Managing Member
21 Mr. Shoaib Abu Talib Muhammad Ali Dojki Managing Member
22 Mr. Abdul Hameed Moosa Sharif Mota Managing Member
23 Mr. Afroz Abdul Razzaq Rehmatullah Ladha Managing Member
24 Mr. M.Munaf Haji Ali M.Ibrahim Khanani    Managing Member
25 Mr. Ghulam Ahmed A.Sattar A.Ghani Bakhai Managing Member
26 Mr. A.Hameed A.Majeed Noor Muhammad Tola   Managing Member
27 Mr. M.Ejaz Haji Rehmatullah A.Karim Bharamchari     Managing Member
28 Mr. M. Muhammad Aftab Aba Umer Habib Khanani Managing Member
29 Mr. Muhammad Shahzad Haji Haroon Usman Kothari   Managing Member
30 Mr. M.Farhan A.Rahim Haji M. Ismail Maimini Managing Member


S.No Name of Members
1 M.Hanif H.Qassim A.Sattar Machyara
2 Zikaraya H.A.Sattar Bilwani (G.T.Group)
3 Abdul Wahab Haji M.Siddiq A.Rahman Polani
4 Muhammad Najeeb A.Aziz Balagamwala
5 H.Hanif H.Siddiq Bhatda (Dharki)
6 Muhammad Saleem Siddiq Haji Umer Bikiya
7 M.Iqbal H.Abdullah Nini
8 M.Yunus (Bagsara) A.Sattar Adhi
9 Arshad M.Idrees H.Rehamtullah Jangda
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